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Telstra Customer Service Approach- High performance internet connectivity

How it works

High caliber and stable web associations are basic for working together today. Maintain your clients associated with Telstra Wholesale Internet (TWI), which gives superior, adaptable and financially savvy availability to local and worldwide Internet courses.


Why choose us?

Telstra Email Support Express more extravagant computerized encounters to your end clients with low idleness availability on a high caliber, flexible system that uses the most brief way to the local and worldwide Internet.

Extensive Reach

Choose the answer that best fits your business operations with domestic or global Internet solutions that allow you to quickly set up Internet connectivity without building your own infrastructure. contact our extensive TWI domestic routes, IP backbone networks in the US and Europe, and one of the major and most comprehensive networks in Asia Pacific through Telstra Global.

Scalable solutions

We propose a scope of limit alternatives from 1GB up to 100GB to allow you to take care of your end clients' demand for information into what's to come. Our connection packaging ability implies you can package numerous connections together and see as one source to create it less demanding to deal with your associations as you develop.

Streamline your operations

Handle your own network configurations, including selecting the routes you want to endorse and making bandwidth changes.

How Telstra Wholesale APIs can help your business

Reduce cost and improve efficiencies

Every apus actualizes a solitary, remain solitary capacity, giving you incorporating squares to coordinate with your activities. Expand the estimation of your venture, picking how and when you want to incorporate with Telstra Wholesale frameworks.


APIs are decoupled from our systems, instead linking straight to our core applications. This means more up time for you, and less blow by designed maintenance windows.

Create brilliant customer experiences

manage the skill you want with your customers through up to date, on time and exact information – straight into your own systems.

Here are some ways to get in touch.

Here are some ways to get in touch.

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